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One of Philly’s Best French Chefs Just Opened a Knockout Spanish Restaurant

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Wentz taps the thrill of wood-fired Spanish flavors

“But we needed to pace ourselves at Oloroso, where an adventurous parade of big flavors is so magnetic it made me wonder why our Spanish scene — red-hot a decade ago, thanks to Jose Garces — has since been in a long and quiet lull.”

CRAIG LABAN / Philly Mag

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Oloroso takes risks that add vision in Philadelphia

“Whereas fino and amontillado sherries are typically bright, oloroso, the most aged of the three, is deep and dark, nutty and complex. It’s a fitting name for the third restaurant from Townsend Wentz.”

Courier Post

Vibe is buzzy, and the place to be is the mahogany bar

Chef Townsend Wentz, Gordana Kostovski, and their crew have opened Oloroso, a muy guapo Spanish tapas specialist, at 1121 Walnut St., where it shares a bustling Washington Square West block with the Irish Pub, Moriarty’s, Caribou Cafe, Bareburger, Destination Dogs, Spicy Memory, and Matt & Marie’s.